What is the MLRA?

MAUNA LANI RESORT ASSOCIATION: "Property Owners preserving the quality and integrity of the Common Areas"
What is the Mauna Lani Resort Association (the "MLRA")?
As outlined in the MLRA Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions (the "MLRA DC&R") that encumbers all properties within MLRA's master plan area and "runs with the land", all property owners at Mauna Lani automatically become members of the MLRA upon acquiring ownership of property annexed to the MLRA and are obligated to contribute monthly maintenance fee assessments.  The Association’s primary responsibility is the maintenance and security of the Common Areas within the master-planned areas of the resort.  That means keeping them in good working order, and making sure there are funds to do so -- all to ensure property values at Mauna Lani are maintained.
The MLRA Common Areas include, among other things:  the main arterial roadways (outside of private property roadways and common areas within individual residential subdivisions, hotel & commercial property boundaries), the Mauna Lani Beach Club facility, certain administrative and maintenance facilities, designated historic parks and preserve areas, shoreline areas and trails adjacent to MLRA-owned common property, the historic Fishpond Complex, and MLRA's Green Waste Facility.  The membership also votes on certain other issues like amending the Master Plan Area, annexing new properties to the MLRA, and amending the governing documents.  The MLRA DC&R and the MLRA Bylaws define and describe the Common Areas, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the Association, its board of directors and its members.
A five-member board governs this Hawaii non-profit corporation. 
  • Two (2) Residential Representative members are elected solely by the vote of Residential Owners (as defined in the MLRA DC&R).
  • Two (2) Commercial Representative members are elected solely by the vote of Hotel & Commercial Owners (as defined in the MLRA DC&R).
  • One (1) At-Large Member is elected by the vote of ALL members (Residential, Hotel & Commercial).
  • Board members are each elected to serve a three-year term (terms of members are staggered).
  • The elected members of the Board elect its slate of officers, annually, during an Organizational Meeting that is held immediately after the adjournment of MLRA's Annual Membership Meeting.
What does the MLRA do?
What kind of impact does the Association have on the MLRA community?  Besides maintenance and improvement of the common areas, safety and security are always a focus. Unlike some neighboring resort communities, MLRA was intentionally designed and developed as an "open resort".  Our mixed-use resort community includes strictly gated residential communities and "members-only" amenities, alongside commercial businesses, parks and historic and archeological areas that are open to all. Mauna Lani's community concept is to provide its members with the safety and security of residing within private communities, along with opportunities to engage and interact with the larger Big Island community in order to benefit from such cultural exchanges. 
The MLRA is constantly evolving to keep up with the changing needs of our growing community. As the needs of our internal and external communities change and grow with the times, the Association strives to constantly evaluate, adjust and pivot in order to meet the changing needs of our community.
When the Association identifies additional services or operational adjustments that should be implemented, we also assume the accompanying funding responsibilities.  Careful management of our fiscal responsibilities is always at the forefront.
The MLRA balances widely diverse interests and needs toward the common good of all members, operating much like a small municipal government.
Association membership falls into three categories:  Residential Owners, Hotel Owners, and Commercial Property Owners.
Did You Know?
  • As of today, the MLRA is comprised of 2440.73 Member Voting Units
  • Votes are apportioned thusly:  One vote per residential unit (a condominium unit or a single-family home or lot are each assessed at one residential unit) and one vote per each 500 square feet within a commercial property building.  Hotels get one vote per hotel room.
  • Currently, the Residential Owner block holds 1207 voting units (49.45%); Hotel & Commercial Owners hold 1233.73 voting units (50.55%).
  • As of January 1, 2022, MLRA members are currently assessed at $113.67 per month, per voting unit. All residential owner assessments to MLRA are included in the total assessments that they contribute to their respective subassociations; hotel and commercial members pay their assessments directly to MLRA.
  • The Fairmont Orchid Hotel is currently the single largest assessment contributor and voting member with 542 (22.21%) assessment units.
  • Holoholokai Beach Park, the Puako Petroglyph Park and the shoreline from The Fairmont Orchid to neighboring Paniau/Puako communities at the northern boundary of our resort are not a part of MLRA's Common Areas as these lands are outside of MLRA's master plan area and are neither owned nor maintained by the MLRA. Maintenance of Holoholokai Beach Park, the Puako Petroglyph Park (and other associated areas) are managed and maintained by DHL MAHI OPCO, LLC, via Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection's hotel and golf maintenance divisions.
Where is the MLRA headed?
In March of 2008 the resort's original master developer conveyed all of the Common Area parcels to the MLRA and fully transitioned all ownership benefits and responsibilities for these lands to the MLRA--placing the MLRA at the cusp of a new era of self-governance.   Since this transition, the MLRA has been keenly focused on planning forour community's future and laying the groundwork for the long-term strength and stability of our unique and special community. The current MLRA Board has a dual perspective on the Association and its burgeoning role of directing improvements, enhancements and operational efficiencies within our community:  balancing the objectives of both our residential community with those of our various businesses and community investors.  Since the developer-to-Association transition, the MLRA now carries its own weight, the association is more focused on moving beyond the passivity of basic maintenance and security toward more actively enhancing the Common Areas and, not incidentally, leveraging our resources to grow property owner values across the spectrum of the Mauna Lani community.

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